Rating Kitchen Faucets

oelclothing Kitchen FaucetsToday there are so many different types or styles of faucet you can buy for your kitchen that it is sometimes difficult to choose which one would look best for your kitchen and of course still be efficient and effective. Fortunately though, if you do have this dilemma, there are websites that can help because they list the best rated kitchen faucets from reviews of them which have been carried out. As with anything else this day, kitchen faucets are subject to reviews which are usually posted on various websites and so by even looking at these reviews yourself, you can get a good idea as to which kitchen faucet would be most appropriate for your specific needs.

Having a choice of which faucet to buy of course has only been a relatively new problem as up until the 1859s, there was really only one type of faucet that was available and that has sadly been the case ever since they were invented as far back as 1700BC. At that time it is thought that the Minoan civilization was the first to use faucets or that is according to both historians and archeologists alike. There have been found examples of the Minoan faucets found in the Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete and if those are typical examples, then the faucets were made of gold, silver or marble and so although they were in use, they were probably only used by the wealthy.

During the Roman period between 1000 BC and 476 AD, archeological finds have indicated that the Romans also used faucets but apart from them only being available to the wealthy, they were also present in public bathhouses. The Romans would appear to be a little less extravagant in their choice of materials for faucets as most of theirs seemed to be made of silver, however, some of the fittings were still made of either gold or marble and even then they were not something a poor man was likely to possess.

The same design and principle have been used for faucets ever since those long gone days or they were until one day in 1937, a student by the name of Al Moen scalded his hand and pledged to design a better faucet. As good as his pledge, Moen worked ceaselessly in trying to design a new faucet and although he had several failed attempts, was at last success in 1947, a full ten years after his pledge was made. The long-awaited success was a good one though as by 1959 more than one million households in the United States alone could boast to owning a faucet of the Moen design. These faucets also met with great success outside of the US as a total of 55 other countries were also using, to a limited degree, Moen designed faucets. Today more than 50% of all faucets in US homes are of a design formulated by Al Moen and so they always appear in the reviews.